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Tips for Washing Machine Maintenance

Washing machines are a staple in every household around the globe. These are amazing inventions and use a very simple rotational motion to help us clean our clothes in bulk, with ease. We can’t imagine going to times when there were no washing machines and people used to wash each pair of clothes, one by one, separately. A very tiring and exhaustive process!

Now that we all have this machine at home, we should be aware of how to install one and perform the necessary repairs and maintenance. We will briefly discuss the installation, maintenance tips, and then DIY repairs that you can easily perform on your own. So, let’s dive into the details. 


Washing Machine Installation: Key Steps for a Flawless Setup

Installing a washing machine is not rocket science. After all, it’s just placing the machine, connecting the pipes, and there you have it. Well, it’s not as easy as it seems. There are some crucial details that one has to keep in mind for a flawless installation. Otherwise, you will get angry with yourself for being intoning such obvious details. 


Proper placement is crucial during washing machine installation. You have to make sure that the machine is not far away from the source of water. The same goes for the drainage. You have to make sure that the drainage pipe can easily drain the water in a nearby drain or any other place that will carry the water outside properly. Make sure that you have ample space around the machine, or else you will occasionally get frustrated while untangling the pipes and wires. 

Correct water pressure

Once the machine is installed, it’s going to stay there for almost the rest of its life. That is why it’s crucial to select a faucet with very good water pressure. Once you have decided where to place it, always check the nearest faucet that you plan to supply water. If it doesn’t have enough pressure, then you should change the location or get it checked by a professional plumber. They will help you increase the water pressure by unclogging the pipes. 


Make sure that you don’t end up holding your machine midway through your home, just because it can’t fit into one of the doors. Always measure all of the doors that the machine has to come into the house. And always buy a machine that is a couple of inches smaller than the doors. Going for the exact measurement is not a good idea. For example, if you have a door of 36 inches and buy a machine of 36 inches, then there will be no room for you to hold the machine while passing through the door. Also, there are small parts on the sides which will get damaged. 

Proper leveling

Once you have safely placed the machine, now it’s time to check it’s leveling. Use a leveling device, wooden piece, or any other thing that will help you to ensure that the machine is perfectly horizontal. If not, then adjust the footing on which the machine sits

Washing Machine Maintenance: Keeping Your Machine Running Smoothly

Check for any leaks

Occasionally check for any leaks in the washing machine or the pipes. A small leak can cause a lot of damage if it gets into the electrical compartment. Also, you might slip because of the leakage. 

Avoid overloading

Yes, we all are guilty of it. We love to push as many clothes as we can and get the washing done in one batch. The machine is already doing all of the work for us, so we should put in the effort of at least replacing the clothes after a batch. Overloading will ruin your machine’s motor and it will be very expensive to get it repaired. 

Using measured amounts of detergents

Adding an adequate amount of detergents is key to increasing the life of your machine. Using more detergent than needed will block the machine. The detergent will start to pile up and result in clogging, which is difficult to remove without professional help.

Clean lint filter

These filters catch all the dirt and dust that you bring with home with your clothes. They deserve a regular cleaning. If lint filters are not cleaned regularly, the washing will not be optimal and most importantly it will put an extra load on your machine.  

Washing Machine Troubleshooting: Fixing Common Issues for Smooth Operation

Before starting with any DIY washing machine repair, it’s highly advised to have a proper tool kit that includes the necessary and basic tools like screwdriver, hammer, cutters, wrench, and more. Also, we cannot emphasize enough to hire a professional if the problem is not diagnosed properly or if the repair is of an electrical component.

Grinding noises

The majority of the noises and issues in the performance are because of an unleveled drum. The fix is simple. Just grab a leveling device and a wrench. Check on what side the machine is leaning and adjust the feet from below. This will level the drum and it will spin at maximum speeds without any noise.

Malfunctioned control switch

The only electrical component that is safe and easy to repair. Turn off the electricity and unscrew the top panel with the help of a screwdriver. Make sure that the bolts holding the switch are intact. If not then tighten them or get them replaced. If it still doesn’t work, then you will have to replace the whole switch.

Mildew and hard water

If you are getting white chalk-like material in your washes and the pipes are being blocked by it, then you are having issues because of hard water and mildew. The solution is simple. Just add a good quantity of vinegar to your detergent holder and run the machine on hot water. This will clear out all that white chalky material from your machine and will unclog every pipe. Once you run the hot water, run the machine again with normal water to remove all the unclogged residue. You are left with a clean new machine. 


Above is a brief guide on helping you solve some of the basic issues faced by people. You should be able to install the machine without any flaws and be able to maintain it to increase its life span. If you face issues that are beyond your scope or are not discussed in this article, then it’s recommended to hire professionals to fix these.

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